Saturday, September 27, 2008

After eight month...

It's been almost 8 month i haven't update the blog. The last time i updated this blog was when i was in singapore. Currently, new environment, new work place. Hahaa...Suddenly it was ramadhan again. And it almost toward the end. Time running so fast. LAst ramadhan was feel just like yesterday. Still can remember me, iza, diey and lydia busy shopping at geylang. Shop for "baju raya"..the food for buka puasa and for just cuci-cuci mata. But this time its totally different. Last year i was working for different company and this puasa time i am working with other different company. Any prediction for my next year? haha.. me also dunno. Im really glad that this year i got a long leave for the festive. 1 week.. better than last year. Also got chance to shop at Jln tengku n masjid india with my dearie fiancee. Tomorrow will start my journey to balik kampung. Me the last to balik kampung. Others of my sibling were already there. Can smell lots of task were waiting for me. Hehee..

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