Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Happy new year 2010..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ketika cinta bertasbih

Bertuturlah cinta,
Mengucap satu nama,
Seindah goresan sabdamu dlm kitabku,
Cinta yg bertasbih,
Mengutus hati ini,
Kusandarkan hidup dan matiku padamu.

Bisikan doaku,
Dalam butiran tasbih,
Kupanjatkan pintaku padamu Maha Cinta,
Sudah diubun-ubun,
Cinta mengusik resah,
Tak bisaku paksa walau hatiku menjerit.

Ketika cinta bertasbih nadiku berdenyut merdu,
Kembang kempis dadaku merangkai butir cinta,
Garis tangan tergambar tak bisa aku menentang,
Sujud syukur padamu atas segala cinta.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Honeymoon 4th day... shop in Kuta before depart..

Today is our last day in bali. We depart from candidasa hotel around afternoon. We stop at Kuta to buy some souvenir before we go to the airport. We have our lunch in A&W which the taste is a bit different compare the one in malaysia. Then we start our shopping in matahari shopping mall... then we go around the kuta area to find the place where we can repair my hubby glass .. huhu.. do found one.. then temporary fix it.. at least he still can use it until we reach KL.. We bought this one wood carving for our own souvenir.. memories in BALI 2009 hehe..
We depart from the ngurah rai airport late in the evening and reach the lcct during night.. huh still there's a plenty places in bali we haven't go yet.. next time we need at least a week for our holidays.. so more place we can go.. bali we will came to visit u again.. hehee....

Honeymoon 3rd day... perfect wave of uluwatu...

3rd day of our honey moon. We're heading to uluwatu around 3.30pm. The journey takes us around 2 hours to reach the place. What we can find in uluwatu?. This place is very famous for it cliff temple. For the surfer this is the perfect place for them to surfing with the perfect wave that can reach up to 8 feet. Once we reach the place the time is about 5.30pm.. it almost dark here. Our objective just to see the sunset from the cliff.. before the sunset we do have times to walk around the place.. as well as to visit the temple that located on the cliff.. and for the visitor.. beware when you walk around here.. cause there's a lot of naughty monkey around.. their favorite to steal things from people that come in.. unfortunately it happen to my hubby.. the monkey has grab his glass.. oh no.. we need to chase that naughty monkey around.. with the help of one of the gourd there, we were able to get back the glass but with a broken frame.. damn it little monkey.. :P... we stay around 1 hour in uluwatu.. having a cold coconut drink... when the kecak dance about to start.. we already left the place... huhu else we will arrive at the hotel very late.. :P

On our way back, we stop by at the jimbara beach to have our dinner.. what we ordered? huhu... lobster, big prawn, squid, fish n drink. There's a lot of restaurant along the jimbara beach.. we can pick either to eat inside the restaurant or on the beach side... we pick to sit on the beach side.. from our table.. we can clearly see the ngurah rai airport... we can clearly see all the landing flights and depart flights... huh so nice to see all this small-small light during night.. when we are having our dinner.. this a group of musician is coming to our table... they start to entertain us n they are so nice.. The dinner.. we did not manage to finish all the food.. it's too much for 2 people.. therefore we tapau the balance and gave to our driver... we reach candidasa hotel around 10pm.. huhu.. such a nice day.. :)

Honeymoon 2nd day... Ubud tour...

2nd day in bali. Going to ubud is not in our todays plan actually as we thought to go there tomorrow. But then as we're on our way to candidasa, our driver has recommend us to go to ubud. Then we just.. say OK to go there. what do we do in ubud?. Even before reach ubud, we already stop by at few places. Our first stop is at the wood carving place. Where we could see how they do the wood carving from the beginning. It's pretty amazing as the person does not need to do any sketching before they start to carve. After that we stop at a place called dewa putu toris, studio of artist painting. There is a lots of hand painted picture in lots of different size. Tourist can buy the painting as it will accompanied with an original certificate to ensure the originality. Next stop was the dewi's gold n silver located at celuk. Here we can see how the goldsmith carving the gold n silver to make it as jewellery. Before we reach ubud we do another stop at batik and hand weaving place. Thinking of buying something actually, but the price is quiet expensive as they use the US dollar. Upon reach the ubud, we do go to the monkey forest where we met a big bunch of monkey. As monkey is one of my hubby feveret animal so he do took sometimes there try to play with all the naughty monkey. We do buy some souvenir at the shop nearby the monkey forest. Not far from the monkey forest is located a market which is similar like central market in KL. They sell lot's of hand craft as well as souvenirs.

Honeymoon to bali...

5 may 2009, me and my hubby we are taking flight from LCCT to bali, Indonesia. The hunnymoon have been plan since after we get engaged last year. Actually at the first place we do have 2 choices for the honeymoon. It's either bali or phi phi island located in phuket thailand. But since the situation in thai was not so good, so bali should be the good choice. We depart on 1055am from the airport and reach the Ngurah Rai airport on 155pm. Place of stay, we already book for Ramacandidasa Resort and Spa at Karangasem district. The hotel was located on the eastern part of bali complete with a private beach front and beach terrace above the sea.. facing the Lombok strait.
Once landed on the airport, we charter taxi to the resort. The charges ... from airport to candidasa is about Rp350,000.00 (RM140.00) and it takes about 2 hours to reach candidasa. In candidasa, we were welcome by a very friendly staff. When waiting for the check in process, they do gave us 2 glass of kiwi water mix with soda. The taste.. not that bad :) . First day, we do nothing as we already tired with all the long journey that we had throught all the day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My wedding ceremony...

Finally the day has come. Alhamdullilah with just one lafaz everything was done.. hehe..1st may 2009 im officially become Mrs firzhan. The akad was done by my father on 3.30pm. Supposely the original time was 4pm but then because of the pengantin lelaki come very early.. so the time was brought forward la.. Nervous.. of course specially when the akad was about to start. And he told me that he was menggigil once the akad was done.. huhuu.. RESPONSIBILITY !... Thanks to all my friends that come during my wedding. Some that i can remember like eda, anita, naim, akish, herinda, zeno n partner, Eric (didn't aspect that u can come, TQ !), sahli n partner, anuar and azah.

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