Monday, January 26, 2009

Clean + paint time....

It's public holiday again... so again it's balik kampung time... Cleaning and painting my room is the target for the holiday. So in order to start painting my room, i need to move all the stuff first . Phew.. it takes quiet sometimes for me and my sister to pack and move all the items. Previously my room was colored in purplish.. now change to pinkish color.. sort of one of my favorite color.. hehee.. During the cleaning and painting process i do found boxes that i used to kept all the things that my friend gave me during my secondary.. guest what... i do found one box that hold preasent that my friends gave me when i was in form 5... its 12 yeras ago...yes.. 12 years ago.. i almost forgot about the preasent. My god.. all the stuff are still in the good condition.. then i do decide to remove all the stuff from the box and put it in a proper place. Thanks to lyn, kak ai, faezah, nett, muhida and my ex-dormmate for the cute present and the memories for being my friend..


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