Monday, May 11, 2009

Honeymoon 2nd day... Ubud tour...

2nd day in bali. Going to ubud is not in our todays plan actually as we thought to go there tomorrow. But then as we're on our way to candidasa, our driver has recommend us to go to ubud. Then we just.. say OK to go there. what do we do in ubud?. Even before reach ubud, we already stop by at few places. Our first stop is at the wood carving place. Where we could see how they do the wood carving from the beginning. It's pretty amazing as the person does not need to do any sketching before they start to carve. After that we stop at a place called dewa putu toris, studio of artist painting. There is a lots of hand painted picture in lots of different size. Tourist can buy the painting as it will accompanied with an original certificate to ensure the originality. Next stop was the dewi's gold n silver located at celuk. Here we can see how the goldsmith carving the gold n silver to make it as jewellery. Before we reach ubud we do another stop at batik and hand weaving place. Thinking of buying something actually, but the price is quiet expensive as they use the US dollar. Upon reach the ubud, we do go to the monkey forest where we met a big bunch of monkey. As monkey is one of my hubby feveret animal so he do took sometimes there try to play with all the naughty monkey. We do buy some souvenir at the shop nearby the monkey forest. Not far from the monkey forest is located a market which is similar like central market in KL. They sell lot's of hand craft as well as souvenirs.


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