Monday, May 11, 2009

Honeymoon to bali...

5 may 2009, me and my hubby we are taking flight from LCCT to bali, Indonesia. The hunnymoon have been plan since after we get engaged last year. Actually at the first place we do have 2 choices for the honeymoon. It's either bali or phi phi island located in phuket thailand. But since the situation in thai was not so good, so bali should be the good choice. We depart on 1055am from the airport and reach the Ngurah Rai airport on 155pm. Place of stay, we already book for Ramacandidasa Resort and Spa at Karangasem district. The hotel was located on the eastern part of bali complete with a private beach front and beach terrace above the sea.. facing the Lombok strait.
Once landed on the airport, we charter taxi to the resort. The charges ... from airport to candidasa is about Rp350,000.00 (RM140.00) and it takes about 2 hours to reach candidasa. In candidasa, we were welcome by a very friendly staff. When waiting for the check in process, they do gave us 2 glass of kiwi water mix with soda. The taste.. not that bad :) . First day, we do nothing as we already tired with all the long journey that we had throught all the day.


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hallu kekasih...saya tag n award kamu.....g amek kt blog saya award kamu k....=P

star_dust said...

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