Sunday, May 3, 2009

My wedding ceremony...

Finally the day has come. Alhamdullilah with just one lafaz everything was done.. hehe..1st may 2009 im officially become Mrs firzhan. The akad was done by my father on 3.30pm. Supposely the original time was 4pm but then because of the pengantin lelaki come very early.. so the time was brought forward la.. Nervous.. of course specially when the akad was about to start. And he told me that he was menggigil once the akad was done.. huhuu.. RESPONSIBILITY !... Thanks to all my friends that come during my wedding. Some that i can remember like eda, anita, naim, akish, herinda, zeno n partner, Eric (didn't aspect that u can come, TQ !), sahli n partner, anuar and azah.


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